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Refakatçi Kuralları


  • Follow the hospital rules. In case of a violation, your accompanying situation will not be accepted.
  • Do not make any application for the patient, except for the directions of the physician and nurse.
  • Take care to use the hospital’s equipment and materials regularly and cleanly.
  • Help us to provide you a peaceful environment; not to speak loudly in the patient’s room and service corridors, not to make noise, to use the televisions in your rooms in a way that does not disturb others; We kindly ask you to turn it off or adjust the volume to a low tone during doctor visit hours and after 22:00.
  • Do not take your patients out of the hospital or change their bed without the request of the relevant physician or nurse.
  • Do not use tobacco and alcoholic substances within the boundaries of the hospital.
  • Do not bring food / drink to your patient and do not give any food or drink to your patient without consulting the doctor or nurse.
  • As it may cause technical problems, water heater etc. in patient rooms. do not use the devices.
  • Please inform the service nurse about the companion changes.
  • Apart from all these, as a companion, please inform the service nurses when there is any problem in terms of the health of your patient. Do not intervene without the knowledge of the service nurses.

Under what conditions can a companion be found?

To assist the patient during treatment; The patient has the right to have a companion, subject to the approval of the doctor in charge of the treatment, to the extent required by the legislation and the facilities of our hospital and the health condition of the patient. How and when this right will be exercised should be carried out in accordance with the procedures and principles determined in our hospital. In terms of the health of our patient, we would like to emphasize that you should assist us in this regard and accompany your patient in accordance with the procedures and principles determined within the framework of our hospital’s companion policy.


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